about rudra

I'm Rudra! I'm a long-term Pokemon fan, having first started playing back in 1998 when I saved over my older cousin's Pokemon Red save file. Ever since, I've been hooked, playing almost every mainline and side game released with my favourite generation being the 2nd. I've spent most of my online life around different Pokemon fansites and communities, such as Mew's Hangout, Eevzy's place, Pokecommunity, PKMN.NET, and Pichu's world. I spent most of my time on Oekaki boards, and I owe a lot of my artistic growth to Pokemon as a franchise. My only regret is starting out on them as early as I did -- 8 year olds can be very irritating on the internet.

My Favourite Pokemon are Lugia, Drampa, Meowth, Raichu, Chatot, Kecleon, Steelix, Ursaring, Honchkrow, and Crobat. I've definitely got more favourites, but those ones have been firm favourites over the years.

Outside of Pokemon, I'm only mildly interesting. I'm 26 years old, I live in Scotland, I work in retail, and I have a tuxedo cat named Mob. I enjoy roleplaying, worldbuilding, and virtual pet sites. I'm basically the weird art kid from school, except I grew up and the only difference is I pay bills now. I'm not at all a social butterfly, but I'm not shy either. I just keep to myself, and my goal in life is to retreat to the Scottish boglands to do just that, and maybe carve some things out of wood while I'm out there.

about the site

Drampa's Cave is an experiment in recreating the Pokemon fansites of yesteryear. Growing up, I found so many Pokemon fansites such as the ones mentioned above, but I never stuck with my own for long, and my patience for web design was thin. Now I'm older, wiser, and have way too much free time on my hand, so I decided to take advantage of Neocities' customisation and emulate the sites I once called home. As of right now, as in, late 2020, I'm unsure what I want to do past uploading Pokemon fanart for people to enjoy similar to Suta-Raito when it was around. Any guides and the like have been done to death, but we can never have enough Pokemon art.

As for why I picked Drampa... I like him. I don't have much more of a reason. My Pokesona is a Lugia/Drampa fusion, which also adds to my bias.